Should UConn drop football?

Should UConn drop football?

Finally, I concluded that the polemic of Supratman Field was due to differences in interpretation and miscommunication between the Government of Bandung City and residents and users of the Supratman Field. The residents and users of the field interpreted that the revitalization of the Supratman Field only included improvements to the quality of the grass and placement of statues of Persib legend in one corner of the field, as well as my interpretation.

While the City of Bandung Government interpreted that the revitalization of the Supratman Field was to create a futsal field on a soccer field and place a statue of a Persib legend in one corner of the field. Even though it looks similar, football and futsal are different, both from the field and the rules.

The steps of the Bandung City government with the revitalization program of the parks are actually very good, and I fully support this program. But just a suggestion from me, it’s good if the Supratman Field is again functioned as a soccer field considering there are not many soccer fields in the city of Bandung. 

Then, it would be better if in the future socializing the park revitalization program in the city of Bandung also discusses what aspects will be revitalized in detail with stakeholders , not just discussing the general description so that things happening at Supratman Field do not happen again in later.

* Update *

Luckily my concern did not occur. Supratman Field remains a soccer field even though the field dimensions are smaller than before. The quality of grass is much better. The construction of the new field was completed in half, half of which was still under construction. Hatur nuhun, Kang Emil!For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

The problem of this stadium is what made Persib Bandung, the proud club of Bandung City, shifting its homebase to dozens of the Si Jalak Harupat Stadium in Bandung Regency. In addition to the quality of the field, other supporting factors such as audience capacity and access to the stadium are often disputed, both by the opponents of Persib Bandung and Persib Sendiri.

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