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A new attempt to impose its version of events is the parliamentary committee of Antoni Macierewicz. The Commission, which is simply to “document” the guilt of the government at any cost and by any means of harming political opponents, will be without any final evaluation of events according to expert judgment, because it is known that truth and justice must be on the side of the president and his supporters.Smolensk tragedy. People who accept all possibilities and not only those that impose PIS.

Certainly, you can not deny Jarosław Kaczyński the political instinct. The appointment of Joana Kluzik – Rostkowska as the head of her campaign was a hit. Demoting voters by the fact that the president can bury battle axes and become a consolidation person, just nice was definitely a challenge but the effect was staggering.

However, the thesis about the dyed fox brought by the deputies proved to be the most correct. Jaroslaw Kaczynski deceived a part of society that he is no longer a small, petty, vengeful man. He cheated that he was ending the Polish-Polish war and how Stalin, announcing the split, prepared himself for a total war.if you need more info just visit this site Links situs poker online.

His “pretorians” from singers of feast songs or smiling petioles following the president became bloodthirsty soldiers. Literally, wolves came out of the lambs. The PIS does not make a mistake from the “grandfather of Wermaht” anymore and does not release the unit into an offensive war, it now releases the group. Thanks to this, the possible responsibility, let’s call this “moral”, is effectively broken down into a number of people and in this manner is carefully fuzzy.

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