Inteltek’ten ‘İddaa’ tender appeal

Inteltek’ten ‘İddaa’ tender appeal

The Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) issued a warning on 14 December 2009 on the comments made in electronic media. The agency said that the investment advisory service could be provided by intermediary institutions, banks that do not accept deposits and portfolio management companies. According to the CMB law, an investment advisor without a certificate of authority has a prison sentence of from 2 to 5 years and a fine of not less than three times the benefit obtained.


Attorney Resul Özmen, an expert in the field of capital markets, said in a statement to that the groups would give a ‘guarantee of winning’ or if they were encouraged to take action from inside the company, the investment adviser could be fined.

Whatsapp groups are a communication tool used by the media, news notices sometimes come from Whatsapp groups. Our site Sözcü is actively using whatsapp notices. On the other hand, the fact that some new media journalists communicate their Whatsapp group conversations makes a difference.


When a short call to a number not seen a comprehensive review article regarding the open or private Whatsapp groups in Turkey. General Director of Special Education and Guidance Services of the Ministry of National Education. Ahmet Emre Bilgili wrote an article on the functioning of WhatsApp groups in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 2016 entitled ‘Whatsapp groups’.

Bilgili stated that he had written the article because of the scattered conversations in the WhatsApp groups he participated in professionally or personally, and because the rules of official meetings and meetings were not followed. In his informed article, Whatsapp group summarizes the rules of speech in 14 articles. Some of these 14 items are:Now take a look at how these features of bahis analiz.

“When I founded the group, those with large portfolio came. For three years we have been talking about the course of the markets. ” Ayan said that he has shifted his comments to Youtube account more recently. “You can reach a wider audience on Youtube. My Whatsapp group was 90 people. In three years, I have analyzed over 100 companies. ”

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