Earthquake warning system to be tested in San Diego County

Earthquake warning system to be tested in San Diego County

Surely every one of you has already heard about the earthquake in Ecuador, which happened on 16/04/2016. Many of my friends immediately sent messages asking if I was whole and healthy and whether I felt shocks. This is how the entry was made by answering these questions.

I remember how in primary school I was happy that there were no earthquakes in Poland. I never thought that this little girl’s joy was so real and right. Honestly, after this event for the first time since we were in Ecuador, I thought about going back to Poland. I would never again like to experience it again and I do not like the idea of ​​living in constant danger.

– Did you feel “tembrol” (fatigue shock)? – He asked.

Well, I think he’s kidding me. He moved the chair himself! Then he took me to the kitchen and showed me the swaying fruits attached to the hook. I still did not believe him. Another shock was a few weeks later in the middle of the night. Then I was awakened by a strong blow to the bed preceded by a strange, rumbling sound.

My husband slept like he was killed, and I stood up and went to look at the hanging fruit … They swayed … Just like before. I swallowed loudly and felt fear. I still did not trust, because I could have dreamed about it. This year it was more and more often, but so light and short, just 2-3 seconds, that I did not care too much about it. Well, why? I’m going to fall into some paranoia …

I seriously recognized that this posed a threat when the shock wrenched me out of my sleep. It was in January or February this year around 8:00 in the morning. Again a strange bang appeared and the bed began to shake. I jumped out of him like a burn. I was alone at home, my husband had already left for work and seeing that I needed more sleep, that day he did not wake me up earlier.For best services you can visit just goto earthquake near me.

 I panicked. Fortunately, it lasted only a moment and as soon as it began, it ended so quickly. However, from that moment I started to be afraid of shocks and the “terremto” itself (this earthquake). I did not want to experience it anymore. It is an unpleasant feeling when everything around you is telepiece and to this sound.

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